Ancestral Homes: Mary Larcom Dow’s Home

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Located at 709 Hale Street, this was the home of my 2nd great-grand aunt, Mary Larcom Ober Dow, who wrote the book, Old Days at Beverly Farms. Located at 705 Hale Street, Beverly, Massachusetts.

The foreword in her book written by Caleb Loring, Jr and Caleb Loring III in conversation with Dinah Cardin says,

“For more than 150 years, “the house by the side of the road” served as a respite for visitors and Beverly Farms residents alike. Schoolteacher Mary Larcom Dow lived there until her death in 1920. …Still living in Beverly Farms today, the Lorings were responsible for the Dow house’s inclusion in St. John’s Parish. The Episcopal church was built in 1902 beside the Dow house and in October of 1920, Susan Mason Loring bought the house and gave it to the church. It then became the Parish House, used for Sunday school, women’s auxiliary meetings and also the home of a sexton and his family. Tickets to the St. John’s fair were sold at the front door.”

Another part of her book, Mary Larcom Ober Dow remembered how her cousin Lucy Larcom, the poetess, expressed great pleasure when she told her that she had bought the old house and spent all of her money for it. Lucy said that “[It] was quite right; it was like a turtle with it’s shell, a retreat.”

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