Joining the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

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I finally decided to join the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) in February of this year. I mainly wanted to join as a legacy for my son, but I also wanted to meet new people and get better connected with my community. I found my local chapter online (Rufus Fairbanks Chapter of Satellite Beach, FL), and began attending meetings even though my application was not ready yet. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the meetings, but I instantly fell in love with the ladies in my chapter. I love how they love our country, what they do for our community, and how much we all have in common, especially in the area of genealogy.

I worked with my chapter’s registrar and completed my application and submitted it to the NSDAR on April 30, 2014. It took me a while longer than I anticipated because the NSDAR would prefer to have birth/marriage/death records for each generation (including spouses) all the way back to your patriot. They can accept census records, but prefer not to rely on them. This made me have to go back and dig a little deeper to find more solid records for each generation. Also, for the first three generations including yourself, they ask for official birth/marriage/death records, so I needed to apply for one these records through the state for my grandmother. Only took two months of additional research to finalize my application, and I am glad I did the extra homework. I found some very nice documents & sources to add to my files.

Less than two months after submitting my application, it was approved by a genealogist at the NSDAR, and voted on soon after. I received my welcome packet in the mail today (dated July 5, 2014) with my certificate. I am beyond proud and so thankful to be a part of this wonderful organization!

Our Patriots

Our Larcom Family Tree has three Revolutionary War patriots that I have researched so far: Jonathan Larcom (1742-1778), Asa Larcom (1746-1779), and Henry Larcom (1751-1780). Jonathan and Asa are brothers and Henry Larcom is their step brother.

The patriot I decided to go with is from my direct line, Jonathan Larcom, my 5th great grandfather.

Jonathan Larcom was born April 30, 1742 in Beverly, Massachusetts. He was the son of David Larcom (1701-1775) and Lucy Downing (1706-1750). He married Abigail Ober (1744-1815) in 1763 and had eight children by her. Around the time of 1773-1774, Jonathan was a sea captain, commander of the schooner Benjamin, traveling great distances along the East Coast into the Caribbean. 1

Jonathan Larcom & Abigail LarcomOn July 25, 1776, he joined the American Revolutionary War as a private under Captain Joseph Rea’s company, of Col. Henry Herrick’s regiment (8th Essex Company) of Massachusetts Militia. He was officially discharged October 28, 1776. His service was 3 months and 3 days, in defence of seacoast. His company was ordered to serve at the lines at Beverly. 2

It has been said that he was engaged in privateering in 1777. From what I have researched, he died aboard the brigantine Neptune, commanded by Captain John Ashton, in 1779. 3  His actual death date was recorded as March 14, 1778 in Guadalupe, West Indies, at sea. Although, his headstone simply says “Lost at Sea In The Year 1778”.


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