Bartlett Ladies

(early 1900’s) These photos are of Bartlett women. First photo is an unknown Bartlett girl. Second photo is of Pearl Wyatt and her grandmother, Mary Eliza Andrews Bartlett. In the group photo, I recognize three in the back row from left are Louisa and Jane Bartlett, sisters, and Mary Eliza Andrews Bartlett, mother at center.

Pearl Wyatt

Here is my great-grandmother, Pearl Wyatt, daughter of Louisa Bartlett & Edward E Wyatt, during the early 1900’s.

Theodore Larcom

This is my great-grandfather, Theodore Larcom, husband of Pearl Wyatt. The first picture is of Theodore & Pearl at the railroad tracks in Beverly Farms, MA.

Edward Joseph Larcom

This is my granddaddy, Edward J Larcom, son of Pearl Wyatt & Theodore Larcom, born in Madeira, Florida in 1927.

Mary Lou Larcom “Aunt Boo”

Mary Lou Larcom was my great-aunt, daughter of Pearl Wyatt and Theodore Larcom. She was nicknamed “Boo” because she was born the day after Halloween, 1928. Aunt Boo was a graduate from Florida State University in 1953 with a BA degree in Phys. Ed. She taught P.E. at Franklin Jr. High for 30 years.

Edward Joseph Larcom’s Sons

Left to right, Edward Theodore Larcom, Alfred Charles Larcom and Richard Paul Larcom, sons of Edward J. Larcom & Victorine Alice Dehoux.

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