Lucy’s poetry was first included in the anthology Female Poets of America (1849), and her collections of poetry include Similitudes, from the Ocean and PrairiePoems, and Wild Roses of Cape Ann, and Other Poems, among others. Her poems appeared in prestigious journals and magazines such as Harpers,  the Atlantic Monthly, and the New England Magazine; her poem encouraging fellow abolitionists to settle in Kansas, “Call to Kansas,” won the New England Emigrant Aid Company prize and was printed in newspapers across the nation. As John Greenleaf Whittier’s long-time friend and correspondent, she also anonymously edited three volumes of his work.

Lucy’s most enduring work, however, is generally considered to be her autobiography, A New England Girlhood, Outlined from Memory. Recollecting her years in Beverly and Lowell, Larcom’s narrative is a richly detailed account of gender, labor, and class in mid-nineteenth century New England.




Similitudes from the Ocean and the Prairie (1854)

Ships in the Mist and Other Stories (1859)

Leila Among the Mountains (1861)

Poems (1868)

An Idyl of Work, a Story in Verse (1875)

Childhood Songs (1877)

Wild Roses of Cape Ann and Other Poems (1880)

Poetical Works (1884)

A New England Girlhood, Outlined from Memory (1889)

Easter Gleams (1890)

At the Beautiful Gate and Other Songs of Faith (1892)

The Unseen Friend (1892)

As It Is in Heaven (1893)



Breathings of a Better Life (1867)

Hillside and Seaside Poetry (1876)

Roadside Poems for Summer Travelers (1877)

Our Young Folks (1865-1874)

Our Young Folks Vol. I, No. I

Our Young Folks Vol. I, No. II February 1865

Among Lowell Mill-Girls: A Rem­i­nis­cence, At­lantic Month­ly (No­vem­ber 1881)



The Worlds of Lucy Larcom, Shirley Marchalonis. (Univ of Georgia Press, 1989).

The Mill Girls: Lucy Larcom, Harriet Hanson Robinson, Sarah G. Bagley, Bernice Selden. (Atheneum, 1983).

Lucy Larcom: Life, Letters, and Diary, Daniel Dulany Addison. (Houghton Mifflin, 1894).



Elizabeth. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 54, Issue 323, September 1884]

Fallow. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 50, Issue 300, October 1882]

Sylvia. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 31, Issue 183, January 1873]

Phebe. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 30, Issue 180, October 1872]

Mehetable. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 27, Issue 164, June 1871]

Reenlisted. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 13, Issue 79, May 1864]

Hilary. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 12, Issue 70, August 1863]

Discovery. [Harper’s new monthly magazine. / Volume 79, Issue 473, October, 1889]

Bermoothes. [Harper’s new monthly magazine. / Volume 57, Issue 342, November 1878]

Mountain Sonnets. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 26, Issue 155, September 1870]

Skipper Ben. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 16, Issue 93, July 1865]

Friend Brook. [Harper’s new monthly magazine. / Volume 55, Issue 327, August 1877]

The Wood-Thrush. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 58, Issue 349, November 1886]

A Prairie-Nest. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 43, Issue 256, February 1879]

Goody Grunsell’s House. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 34, Issue 203, September 1874]

A Gambrel Roof. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 33, Issue 196, February 1874]

The Happiest Lot. [The New England magazine. / Volume 18, Issue 2, April 1895]

By the River. [Harper’s new monthly magazine. / Volume 63, Issue 378, November 1881]

A Strip of Blue. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 26, Issue 158, December 1870]

The Red School-House. [The Atlantic monthly. / Volume 19, Issue 116, June 1867]



“Oh Why Art Thou Roaming” (1847) Sheet Music, words by Miss Lucy Larcom. 

“Come Let Us Go A-Maying” (1855) Sheet music, words by Miss Lucy Larcom.

“Kansas Prize Song” (1855) Sheet Music, words by Miss Lucy Larcom.

Childhood Songs (1875) American Verse Project, University of Michigan

Hymns by Lucy, Cyberhymnal site:

  1. Draw Thou My Soul, O Christ
  2. Heavenly Helper, Friend Divine
  3. O God, Thy World is Sweet with Prayer
  4. Ring, Happy Bells of Easter Time

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