Nature’s Easter-Music

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by Lucy Larcom,
The Poetical Works of Lucy Larcom (1884)


THE flowers from the earth have arisen,
They are singing their Easter-song;
Up the valleys and over hillsides
They come, an unnumbered throng.

Oh, listen! The wild-flowers are singing
Their beautiful songs without words!
They are pouring the soul of their music
Through the voices of happy birds.

Every flower to a bird has confided
The joy of its blossoming birth–
The wonder of its resurrection
From it’s grave in the frozen earth.

For you chirp the wren and the sparrow,
Little Eyebright, Anemone pale!
Gay Columbine, orioles are chanting
Your trumpet-note, loud on the gale.

The buttercup’s thanks for the sunshine
The goldfinch’s twitter reveals;
And the violet trills, through the bluebird,
Of the heaven that within her she feels.

The song-sparrow’s exquisite warble
Is born in the heart of the rose–
Of the wild-rose, shut in its calyx,
Afraid of the belated snows.

And the melody of the wood-thrush
Floats up from the nameless and shy
White blossoms that stay in the cloister
Of pine-forests, dim and high.

The dust of the roadside is vocal;
There is music from every clod;
Bird and breeze are the wild-flowers’ angels,
Their messages bearing to God.

“We arise and we praise Him together!”
With a flutter of petals and wings,
The anthem of spirits immortal
Rings back from created things.

And nothing is left wholly speechless;
For the dumbest life that we know
May utter itself through another,
And double its gladness so!

The trees have the winds to sing for them;
The rock and the hill have the streams;
And the mountain the thunderous torrents
That waken old Earth from her dreams.

She awakes to the Easter-music;
Her bosom with praise overflows;
The forest breaks forth into singing,
For the desert had bloomed as the rose.

And whether in trances of silence
We think of our Lord arisen,
Or whether we carol with angels
At the open door of His prison,

He will give us an equal welcome
Whatever the tribute we bring;
For to Him who can read the heart’s music
To blossom with love is to sing.


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